Warning: If you are even thinking of doing Tattooing as a business, you must read this!!

"Do You Want To Start Your
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Profitable Tattoo Business?"

Step #1:
You MUST have a
professional tattoo business plan!

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The Ultimate Tattoo Artist Businss Plan will save you HOURS
of the necessary time it takes to put together a rock-solid business
plan for your tattoo business!

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You must have a plan of action! Without a real tattoo business plan, the chance of your own success in the tattoo industry will be very unlikely. But if you do it right, you have a chance to start one of the HOTTEST and most lucrative businesses in the job industry.

Tattooing is getting more popular everyday...why not join in?

Just imagine owning your own tattoo shop. YOU are the boss. YOU set the rules. YOU get to see all the great results of your hard work and also make money at the same time! Finally, you get a chance to do what you love to do and that is tattooing!

There is no feeling like being your own boss and doing what you love
the most...tattooing!

Now as I just have mentioned, to really become a REAL tattoo business...you MUST have a plan. You will need to have a viable tattoo business plan! Now I'm going to be frank with you. Having a professional business plan done for you can cost HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS. Don't believe me? Ask around and find out for yourself. Then come back here.

FACT: It can cost hundreds of dollars to have a professional put together
a tattoo business plan for you.

Having a thorough, detailed business plan is essential for getting your business off the ground. All the hard work is done for you! Now you can get a tattoo business plan guideline that you can easily modify for your very own unique tattoo business.

The best part, it won't cost you an arm and a leg for a solid
tattoo business plan!

With The Ultimate Tattoo Business Plan all you have to do is fill in your tattoo business name and details...and your done! Simple as that!

You will have a complete, professional tattoo business plan done in a
matter of minutes
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Here are some of the main
areas that are covered in
The Ultimate Tattoo Business Plan...

  • A complete EXECUTIVE SUMMARY regarding your own tattoo business!

  • A complete KEYS TO SUCCESS to run a successful tattoo business!

  • A complete FINANCIAL PLAN including Startup Costs, Expenses, etc.!


  • A complete MARKETING ANALYSIS breakdown for your tattoo business!

  • A complete MARKETING STRATEGY breakdown for your tattoo business!

  • Putting together a SWOT ANALYSIS of your tattoo business...this is essential for ANY business!
    (SWOT is Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats of your business)

  • A comprehensive Tattoo Business ORGANIZATIONAL PLAN!


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You will learn these tips and techniques...

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  • BONUS #1: "177 Words That Speak to the Heart and Trigger the Emotions that Make People Want to Do Business With You!"

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Los Angeles


As you may already know, the business of Tattooing is taking off and becoming a very lucrative profession! Now, you can put your skills to work and make good money!

Why not turn your love of tattooing into real cash?

According to The Wall Street Journal, Career Bank and College Searches here are the average income (in the USA) for these general professionals...

Profession / Average Pay

Chemical Engineer $64,000
Police Sergeant $49,800
Real Estate Broker $58,720
Accountant I $40,052
Architectural Drafter I $41,481
Registered Nurse $73,235
Physical Therapist $53,394
Truck Driver $35,360
Level II auto mechanic $38,900


Let's say each day you average 3 tattoos in one day. Now this is just average for a SLOW day!

The average cost of one tattoo is usually around $100-$125 EACH!

So here is what you can expect to EARN each day you work...

3 Tattoo Jobs at $125 Per Day = $375
Income Per Week (5 Days) = $1,875
Income Per Month (20 Days) = $7,500
Income Per Year (12 Months) = $90,000 PER YEAR!

You should EASILY be able to make over $100k per year!

Just IMAGINE what you could do with that kind of money?
Pay off debts, buy a new home, buy a new vehicle, take vacations...you name it!

And just think, this is only working 5 days a week on average with only 3 tattoos a day. More than likely, you will be able to work in 5-10 tattoos a day when you get more popular and you market your business correctly. I will show you how to do this in, "The Secret to Making Money As A Tattoo Artist Revealed!"

But before you can EVEN THINK of making this kind of money,
you need two things...

  • A Tattoo Business Plan specifically made for a tattoo business!
  • Learn how to market and increase the business for your own tattoo shop!

That is EXACTLY what I'm offering you right now!

Now you can get the complete business plan PLUS all the secrets
to making money as a tattoo artist...all in one purchase!

The decision is all up to you...

"Are you ready to start the tattoo business of your DREAMS?"

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You will have access to The Ultimate Tattoo Artist Plan
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If you had a professional put together a plan like this, it would EASILY cost over $100. But now you won't have to hire anyone to write up your business plan or even do it yourself. I've saved you all the headaches and the administrative costs associated with the organization of a tattoo business plan.

Sure, I know this information is highly valuable. Selling this business plan for close to $100 would still be bargain to you considering the time and money I would be saving you. But I'm not going to charge you $100, I'm not even going to charge you $50! Only for a limited time, I'm willing to sell you a copy of this MUST HAVE tattoo business plan plus INCREDIBLE BONUS for only...

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That's right, for only $37 you can have a professional tattoo business plan that will get you up and running your own tattoo business. All the information you need is in this plan. You just have to input your own information and you are ready to go!

Still unsure about ordering? Let me offer you this...

A 90 DAY, "No Questions Asked" Money Back Guarantee!

That is how confident I am about The Ultimate Tattoo Business Plan
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I hope you enjoy all of this great tattoo information and you have MUCH success with your new tattoo business venture!

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